Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chapter 100 - April 29, 2013

Hi everybody. Welcome to Chapter 100. I'm gonna name this chapter "The Promise," 'cause I promised my friend here I'd dance with her at Chapter 100. Should be interesting because I can't even stand up. I'm also going to dedicate this chapter to my family and friends, all the doctors and nurses, you know, everyone that has helped me get better. And the therapists. I could go on and on.

It's been a crazy week this week. It started out with me getting an MRI done. That's not fun, I promise you. They put you in a small tube up to your ankles. You have to lie still for 40 minutes while they tickle your feet with a feather. Just kidding. I would think about things like that just to get me through the process. I would think about stories from the past. Stuff like that. I haven't heard about the results, but you know what, no news is good news.

The other thing that's happened is I've gone back to outpatient care for a tune up. They basically correct any mistake you do for self therapy. The therapist got me up and walking again. This is the 3rd time. You know, I walked after my first brain surgery. I walked after my second brain surgery, and I walked again after my seizures. The point is, I've gone through the same process like three times. I'm getting pretty good at this. It's pretty exciting though. It seems simple, but it's a lot of work just to walk down a hallway.

You know, I was thinking about it. I'm gonna end this blog at Chapter 100. You know, I always would think about the past to get me through the present. And I think it's time to start thinking about the future. Therefore, I'm going to end this blog at 100. I'm doing another blog, and it will be linked to my project, A Point of View. My friend here will include the link from the new blog.

Anyway, I'm gonna sign off with a few stories. I might just check in on this blog to tell a few stories, you know, like a few months from now. You know me. I love telling stories. Here's a couple of stories from the past.

I was reading the previous blog. That made me think about Montauk, NY. I left out a few stories I love to tell. One story takes place in Montauk, NY, on the beach. I was at the beach with 3 friends. We were all hanging out and one of my friends had a sea kayak. I had never tried one before so I took it out real carefully. There were big waves. Kind of scary. Anyway, I went out past the point where the waves break when what do I see? I see a couple of military hummers coming down the beach. You see, they were looking for debris from Flight 800. The plane had exploded off of Long Island and they were picking up debris. Anyway, they stopped nearby my friends. They pulled out a megaphone. They said, "Hey you, on the sea kayak, pull over to your right and pick up some debris that's there in the water." I thought, Oh great, sarcastically, I said to myself.  So I paddled over to the debris they were talking about. They were all clothes and they were charred. There was a hat there. I thought, great, I hope there's not a head attached to the hat. I went over and picked up what I could, put it in the sea kayak and headed back to shore. On the way back to shore, I got onto a huge wave. I didn't mean to. It just seemed to pick me up. Mind you, I'd never been on a sea kayak before. My friends and all the marines were watching me. Talk about performance anxiety. Anyway, I rode the wave like you would a surf board. It was a huge wave. I went down the face of it really fast, got ahead of the impact. It seemed to explode behind me and the whitewater took me right up to the marines. You know, like I'd done it a hundred times before. Anyway, after thanking god I was still alive, I handed the head marine the hat. He said, "Thank you." I said, "Watch out. There's sea lice in the hat." Well the guy picked up the hat. Mind you, He looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the early days. He was a big guy. He took the hat and said, "Eww eww disgusting," and started dancing around like a 13 year old girl. He threw the hat into the back of his hummer and drove off saying, "Eww eww, oh my god." It was all kind of weird.

I'll tell another few random stories. Once I was on a photoshoot in Napa Valley, California. Well, I was like in bed drifting off to sleep in my hotel when it sounded like the person next door had a porn video going on. I couldn't get to sleep. It sounded like two cattle making out. One of them was very agreeable. You know, saying, "Oh yess, oh yess, oh yess," all the time. This went on for hours. I couldn't get to sleep. Well finally the porn video ended and I got to sleep. The next morning I got up, got my coffee, opened my door. The neighbor opened the door at the same time, the neighbor that was having the episode. It was one of my crew. The guy had picked up some girl at a local bar. Remember, I don't use names to protect the not-so-innocent.

Another story takes place in Australia, the rain forest of Australia. Anyway, I had been partying with my friend. We went for a walk in the rain forest. I came across a nest of beautiful insects. They were all purple and red. Their wings were shimmering in the light. It was beautiful so I decided to take a closer look. A mistake. My friend screamed NO, but it was too late. all the bugs rose up into the air and I realized they were tiny wasps. They all started attacking me and my friend. Have you ever run through virgin rain forest before? It's quite interesting. Anyway, after being stung several times, I found my way back to the house to have a cold beer.

Well, and the last story I'll tell takes place in Montauk, NY. It's pretty simple but, I used to go surfing all the time in a specific place. I would pull up in my truck with my dog and start waxing up the board. My dog would always get really nervous so I'd leave him with a piece of clothing. I gave him my hat and put it on his head and said, "I'll be right back for this." My friend will include a photo of the picture I took. It graces the cover of a book I did. Rescue Tails.

Anyway, this is B. Nice, signing off. Be sure to check out the new blog. Love, B. Nice,

I gotta go dance now!


  1. I loved the dance!! This is Lisa... I emailed you because we have the same condition and I had surgery March 1. I am doing good. I am home from Rehab now and recovering good :) How are you doing?

    1. Hi Lisa. Nice surprise. Sorry to get back to you so late, but my friend comes over to help me with my email once a week.

      I'm glad you're doing good. Me, I've been working hard. It's taken longer than I thought. But I'm getting there. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm getting there. Once again, I'm glad you're doing good. Keep up the rehab. Love, B. Nice