Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chapter 10 - May 31, 2011

My friend Julie, who’s writing this, noticed some improvement. Like I’m more
expressive with my hands. Other friends say my speech is clearer. There are definite
improvements, but on the other hand, I had a week from hell, ha ha. I think I’m at that
angry stage. I imagine you go through different emotions. Right now I’m pissed off.

I always remember my doctor saying, “Have patience.” How do you keep biting your
tongue and not being able to move or walk, etc., etc. Oh, I had an epiphany! I just
remembered something. I was sitting on the porch as I do in the hours of the day, looking
at a tree, thinking, life is like water. You have an idea where it’s going, but you never are
sure where it will end up. That’s my profound statement of the day, that day.

I did have and I’m still having a rough week. I think I’m more aware of my body. I’m
waking up I guess. I remember in therapy as I was walking I was thinking, damn, I’ve
come a long way, and then I remembered, I still have a long way to go, and a lot of hard
work to do. I think I’m tired. I need a vacation. But you can’t run away from yourself. I
guess that’s profound. That’s number two.

My friend invited me to Paris. He has openings in some hotel in Paris. I’d love to go,
but I can’t fly anywhere. I’m thinking of taking a boat one day, a steam ship. This week
I was going to keep myself occupied so we transformed the front room into my living
space. It gives me a sense of privacy and I can still go on to the deck. I’m trying to turn
this great house into a location. Make the house work for my parents for a change. It’s a
great location. I’ve worked here many times before. A commercial place down the road
also offered their grounds as a location. So I’ll combine the two.

I think, to make a living these days, you have to almost have two businesses. I have
photography, but I’m thinking of also starting another one with a friend of mine that I
grew up with. I can’t tell you what it is, but I think it’s a good idea. It’s fun to start a
new enterprise. Hey, I’ve got nothing but time to think of new ideas.

I guess that’s it for this blog. We’ll be in touch next week. Remember, stay positive.
See you later. Bye.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Chapter 9 - May 2, 2011

She’s only 4 and a half. She said to me, Daddy, your speech is much better.
Wait, she said, your talking is much better. I had her come to therapy and had her stick
around when I walked with the therapist. I thought it was important that she see I’m
getting better.

All the pain and suffering goes away when you hear those simple words, “Yay! Yay
Daddy!” That was when I was walking last week. That was 8 months after my second
operation. And it’s been great having her here. She’s a handful though. 4 and a half.
I think if we could harness her energy, you could run your city for one day. Man, that
kid’s got some energy. It’s tough though because all that energy makes me so tired.
Thank God my family and friends are here to play with her and take care of her.

I’ve been pushing to do water therapy in the pool but my main therapist wants me to
wait a little longer. They want me to do more weight bearing exercises. It’s frustrating
cause I’m really antsy to get in the water. It helped me so much after the first operation.
I’m going to talk to them again this week. Being in the water helps one’s balance and
coordination. And really helps your overall therapy, I believe.

Speaking of overall therapy, the woman, Barbara, who is in charge of all the wheelchairs
is amazing. It really is an art form I never knew about, and it’s rare that you can get
a customized chair to your needs. Most chairs you can get are for generic cookie

cutter chairs. There’s a big difference. I never knew it but you can tell. Anyway, the
wheelchair place has been very helpful. You see, as you get better you will receive tools
like a wheelchair or a walker or a lift to assist you in getting better. When you’re done
with them, you just move on to the next thing. I remember sitting in a wheelchair for the
first time. I felt so restricted and confined. When actually it will give you more freedom
to move about and it will keep you safe. Remember that in many cases it’s just a step in
the long journey of healing. Don’t get hung up on the tools.

I think I’ll go play with my daughter now. I’ll see you all later.