Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chapter 103 - May 21, 2013

Hi everybody. I'm gonna call this blog, "Everyone's Different." And I'm gonna dedicate it to my friend who's no longer with us. An Australian friend.

Well, another week goes by. I'll tell you, this adjustment in medication really kicks my ass. You know, some people pay good money to feel like this. I keep slurring my words. But, it's doing it's job. It keeps seizures at bay. Stress and anxiety are my enemies and they will trigger a seizure. But, you know, after a couple of weeks, I'll adjust to the medication. Some people take longer. Everyone's different.

I had some more water therapy this week, but it's ended now. Medicare has put a cap on people's spending. So, all of you out there who are going through the same thing, just be careful. I had a lot to tell you guys, but I forgot it, so let's just move on to some stories.

The following story takes place in Sydney Australia. My friend and I were wearing Elton John sunglasses and we were waiting to meet the Queen of England. We were jumping up and down saying, "The Queen, The Queen." And she looked at us with some evil eyes. It was "The Stare." My friend was cool. She wasn't, but you know what? If two dudes looked at me with Elton John sunglasses jumping up and down yelling "The Queen," I'd say, "Back the fuck!" up as well. She was actually very nice. My friend here will include a photograph of the event when I find it.

Oh yeah, the cartoons from the previous two blogs are from a camping trip I did with my father. 30 years ago he made a promise to me we'd go camping and he finally came through. Better late than never. Anyway, I'll tell you some more stories.

You know, I went to a school called RIT. It was great for photography, but they also had a school for the deaf. It was a federally funded institution. The dorms were real nice. Anyway, I'll get to the point in a few minutes. I applied to RIT really late so they couldn't find me any housing. They stuck me in a fraternity. I had to share a room with a guy who was a body builder on steroids. Our desks faced each other so we would see each other all the time. I had a nervous tick back then that any rabbit would be proud of. Anyway, one day we were studying and he was staring at me. My nose started twitching more and more because I was nervous. Finally he stood up, slammed one fist on the desk, pointed at my nose and said, "If you don't fucking stop that fucking tick, I'm gonna fucking knock it off your face." It scared me so much, it shocked the tick right away. From that day on, I never had a nervous tick. I had to clean my shorts, but I didn't have the tick anymore.

My other past life in the fraternity was this: across the hall there was a speed freak. The guy used to take speed all the time. Anyway, the guy would also study in the lounge down the hall. I used to call his room and just before he'd get to the phone I'd hang up. It drove him crazy. One day I called him like 5 times in a row. The guy lost it on the last call. He ripped the phone out of the wall. He was very amusing.

I'll go back to the dorms for the deaf. I complained to housing about having to live in a fraternity so they stuck me in the hearing impaired dorm. I thought, this will be great. It will be quiet. I'll get a lot of work done. The rooms are nice. Fantastic. Well, the first night I was drifting off to sleep when I heard a noise coming from the dorm next door. It sounded like a truck hitting a coyote and dragging it down the road. I jumped up, ran out into the hall and then went to the room next to mine. The noise was unbelievable. I started pounding on the door. Then I realized, "What am I doing. The guy is deaf." Then I look to the right. There was a doorbell. It was a strobe light that went off. All of a sudden the noise stopped. The door opened and there was a guy wrapped in a towel. He said, "What the fuck do you want?" I said, "Are you OK?" He said, "I'm having sex with my girlfriend. I'll put some music on," and he shut the door. I thought, well, that was weird. I went back to my room As I was lying in bed, I thought, music? The guy's deaf. Then all of a sudden I heard it. KC and the Sunshine Band blasting. And more sex. What the deaf students did was they would put the speakers in the corners of the room. Turn the bass all the way up, turn the treble all the way down. They could feel the music. The music stopped about 4 am. I drifted off to sleep when I heard a door shut. Mind you, the rooms, like three of them, all shared one bathroom. I heard the door shut, then I heard a bathroom stall shut. Then I heard "urgghhhhhu" really loud. Mind you the deaf students aren't aware of any noise they're making. The guy was in the bathroom making noises you can't even make up. And that was only room 1. This went on for a couple of hours.  The place was the noisiest place you can imagine. You see, the kids there have been looked after all their lives. When they were given a little freedom and independence, they took it and went wild. They were finally free to do whatever they wanted. And what was that? Well, they did things like fill a garbage can full of water and lean it against my door so when I opened the door I'd get drenched. They did things like fill a record jacket full of talcum powder and slide it under my door and beat on it. My entire room filled with white powder. They would have fire extinguisher fights. They would throw water on each other and scream. It was like the wild wild west. This happened like every night. I discovered though that one of our teammates, a runner, was on my floor in the deaf dorm.  He was very good. He was like our secret weapon. We would find the opposing team's best runner and we would instruct my hearing impaired friend/runner to run right next to him. He would break the opponent's concentration. You see, the hearing impaired runner runs really heavy. Slaps his feet and breathes really hard. It would freak people out. But he often won. He was good. And he would help us as well by breaking the other guy's concentration. We worked together.

I remember now what I wanted to share with you guys. You know, I was having a little bitch session with my dad. I was complaining about something. It's not easy being like this, but he said, "OK, let's look at it differently. Just pretend you're a king. You're Louis the 14th. You have people brush your teeth. You have people feed you." You know, it all depends on how you look at it. So I just pretend I'm Louis the 14th. I still can't find a good hair dresser though.

Anyway, I'll talk to you guys next week. Love, B. Nice

Friday, May 24, 2013

Chapter 102 - May 14, 2013

Hey everybody. I'm gonna name this blog "Lucky You" and I'm gonna dedicate it to all the mothers I know. It was Mother's Day the other day. The reason I say "Lucky You" is you guys have no idea how lucky you are. You know I get really depressed sometimes. Hell. I can hardly talk sometimes. If you ever have a bad day or get bummed out. Have a look at what I'm going through. You'll think to yourself, "That poor bastard. Oh my god. He's going through hell. Maybe things aren't that bad for me." Anyway, "Lucky You."

Well is week has been an interesting week. Remember I told you they increased my anti-seizure medicine. It's been about a week now and it makes me feel really tired. You give it a few weeks and I'll adjust to it. I've gone through this many times before. Anytime you make adjustments to your medicine, it will affect you. You know I've been on my back for what, 4 years now? It makes me think about things, for example, when I used to windsurf, you would go so fast that everything around you slowed down, like the waves. Everything was slow. Now I'm the one that's slow. I sit on my parent's porch in a wheelchair, staring at a tree. Time is speeded up. It's hard to describe, but it just seems like yesterday that I had my event. The only real gauge is a child. When I had my event happen, my little one was about 2 1/2, so when I Skype my little one I talk to my little one like she's 2 1/2. I was skyping with her and she looked directly at me and said, "Dad, I'm not a baby." I said, "Really? How old are you?" And my little one said, "I'm 25." I thought, "Oh man, I'm in trouble."

Let's see. Not much else to report really. The anti-seizure medicine seems to help. I don't have little episodes like I used to. They were increasing. That's why I upped my dosage. The only problem is, I keep barking. Just kidding. Hey, let's tell a few stories. I love telling stories, as if you didn't guess.

The other day I saw the film Argo. When I was younger I was 
in Tehran with my parents. It was around 1973. The Shah was in power, but our cab driver said, "Whatever you do, don't say you're American." We went off with our tour guide. We were gonna see the local sights. He said, "What do you want to see?" We said, "We don't know. Let's see the local museum. We can see the family jewels." That didn't sound right. Anyway, you can obviously tell, they didn't like Americans.

The next story I have took place in Australia. I was on the Great Barrier Reef scuba diving. Anyway, I was on a boat full of Japanese tourists. The dive instructor pointed at me and said, "You, get off the boat first." I said, "Ok," and I jumped in with all my gear. I started swimming towards the coral reef we went to and what do I see? A giant, I mean big sea snake coming up to check me out. Sea snakes a very dangerous. I did a quick U turn and swam back to the boat. I tried to get out of the water but the dive instructor said to me, "Hey mate, what are you doing? Get back in." I said, "No way! There's a big sea snake down there!" He said, "There's no bloody snakes out here mate. Now get back in. You're scaring everybody." I didn't argue with him I just jumped in and swam away from the boat and said, "You guys are crazy if you think it's safe here." The rest of the group started talking to each other like a bunch of chickens. The instructor was mad at me until he took his mask and looked in the water. He jumped back and screamed. I yelled to him, "Yeah! No shit! You see what I'm talking about?" He came and picked me up with the boat and we went to another location.

The next story takes place in London. It's short but kind of cool. I was working on my book Rescue Tails. It was portraits of celebrities with their dogs. Anyway, there was a famous singer I was gonna photograph with her dog. She gave me her number. I called her up about a month later. The phone rang, I heard a pick up, and I heard people going crazy. A lot of people. It was a crowd cheering. I said, "Hello?" She said, "Oh. Hi Brian. I'm just about to go onstage." I said, "Where are you?" She said, "I'm in London. It's the MTV awards. And I'm about to go onstage!" So, technically, I was in London with a famous celebrity about to go onstage. Pretty cool.

The next story took place when I was in college. A friend of mine right now works for the dept of transportation. I find it ironic because my fondest memory of him is driving down the New York State Thruway in the snow. I lost control of the car. We started spinning. Mind you, I was going like, I don't know, 55 mph. His hands were on the roof. He was screaming like he was about to die. He looked at me and I was laughing. My grandfather used to take me out on the frozen lakes of Minnesota so I knew what to do to get the car back in control. It was fun but he did not think so.

Ok one more story. It's pretty cool. I was in Santa Fe on a photographic job. I was shooting when my phone range. I stopped the shoot and picked up the phone. I had a really bad signal. All I could hear was "...father..." I was afraid something had happened to my dad. I went up to the top of the hill where I could get a clean signal. I heard someone say, "You're going to be a father!" I went back to the shoot like a stunned mullet. I finished the morning shoot not saying a word. At lunch we all sat down. The stylist, the woman in charge of the clothes, she sat next to me. We started talking and she said, "Oh, I went to a local thrift store and bought some things second hand. Tarot cards. They're pretty cool," and she pulled them out. She said, "Pick a card." She fanned open all the cards and I picked one. I looked at it and what did it say? It said "Father."  I held it up to her and said, "That's weird. I just found out I'm gonna be a dad." Pretty cool. It's Father's Day coming up I hope I get to see my little one.

Anyway, I'll talk to you guys next week. I hope you have a good one. Remember, Lucky You. Love B. Nice.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chapter 101 - May 7, 2013

Hi everybody. I'm baaack. I missed you all so much I had to come back. I'm gonna name this blog "Dreams" and I'm gonna dedicate it to my little one. I'm gonna call this blog "Dreams" because I've been having strange dreams. Just the other night I dreamt about a quote. The quote says, "In the kingdom of Blindness, the one eyed man is King" I have no idea what the hell that means. And then the other dream I had, Van Gogh showed up and said, "Where's my fucking ear?!" All strange stuff, but you know, whenever I have dreams, I'm up and about walking. You know, I'm normal. So that's a good sign.

I've been taking pictures as much as I can. That's really nice for me. I've been photographing off my parent's porch and from the car. The results are good. Let's see, the other thing that happened was, I went to go see my eye doctor. You know for a yearly check up. It was a weird check up. Apparently my file was red flagged. It was red flagged because I'm so special. Anyway, all the resident doctors came to see me. They all wanted to have a look at me. I felt like a lab rat. They all left except 2 doctors. I don't think they knew what to say. They just said, "Continue on doing what you're doing. We're glad you're improving. We don't know why you're improving, but we're happy you are. Oh, and by the way, give this literature to your mother." It was from the Lighthouse. It was a brochure for blind people. First of all, that seemed weird to me that you would give a blind person a brochure. The other thing was, I felt like I'd been dumped.

The other thing that happened to me was I went to go see my seizure doctor. Remember, she requested I get an MRI done. Well, the results are in. I do have a brain. It's not Sponge Bob but a real full on brain. She could clearly see why I was having seizures. She upped my vimpad. That's anti seizure medicine. She looked at the rest of my MRI and she could see why I am the way I am. She just said, "Keep working hard." The overall feeling I get is that I've plateaued but deep down inside I feel like I've not plateaued. I feel like I can get much better, but it will just be a long process.

All this stuff is redundant. I feel like I've said it before. Let's tell a few stories to lighten it up. They're stories from the past. Stuff I went through and stuff I think about now when I'm lying on my back in bed.

I'm gonna tell you guys some random stories. The first story takes place in Greenland. I was there about 20 years ago as an assistant photographer. anyway, I was lying on a boat in the sun. It was low tide, the boat was low, next to the town dock. I was with a crew drifting off to sleep when all of a sudden I heard a scream. I looked up and all around the boat were guys in white aprons, white boots and long knives. They were covered in blood. They were the guys that worked in the local fish factory. I looked over at who was screaming. It was the model and she was wearing, well, practically nothing. She just had on her bikini taking in the sun. We pushed off from the dock as quick as we could. The locals started screaming at us. I'm not up on my local Inuit language, but I'm sure it wasn't like, "Have a nice day." The model said "God, you'd think they never saw a girl before." And I said, "I'm sure they haven't seen a girl like you, lying naked. You gotta think about things before you act."

Another story takes place at the same place. Same time. We were all sitting in a restaurant that overlooks the harbor. Mind you, it's mostly a female crew. anyway, we're looking out at the harbor and what do I see? A Destroyer pulling into port. The owner of the restaurant said "Oh shit." I said, "What's wrong?" He said, "See that boat? They've been out at sea for about 5 months. When they see your girls they're going to go nuts. You better get out of here." Well, it was too late. They came straight up to the restaurant out of the boat. They had been singing on the way up to the restaurant. Well, as soon as they came through the door and saw the girls, they stopped singing. They all sat down. Didn't take their eyes off our table. Eventually, they sent over a bunch of beer. I said, "No thank you." The owner of the restaurant said, "Please, please take the beer. Have one drink and get out of here." Well, as soon as we took the beer, they all came over. We said thank you and left. They also left and kept calling us over to talk to them. Well, we all jumped on our little motor scooters and took off back to the hotel. One of the models was on my bike. She turned around and she said, "Oh shit!" They all started running after us. So what did she do in her infinite wisdom? She flipped them off. Talk about pouring fuel on the fire! They all went crazy. They started sprinting after us. I opened up on the throttle thanking god we were going down hill. I took off and we soon escaped their anger, but then we had to go uphill to get to the hotel. I had the throttle opened up, but they got closer and closer and closer. We finally made it to the hotel. We threw down our mopeds and ran towards the hotel. They were still sprinting after us. Well, I ran into the hotel. The owner of the hotel said to me, "No running." I sprinted past him. The model sprinted past him. The rest of my crew ran past him, and the entire destroyer of sailors sprinted past him. He screamed and got under the desk. We all went back to my room, shut the door and locked it. We could hear the sailors opening doors. Well, everything went quiet and all of a sudden we heard a knock at our door. I said, "This is crazy. I'm gonna go talk to them." So I went to the door opened it up and there in front of me was the captain of the boat. I thought, Thank God, someone reasonable. Well, the captain said to me all he wanted to do was take us on a helicopter ride. I thought great. A one way trip for me. The man was clearly crazy. All of a sudden the military police showed up. Thank god. Anyway, there was a full on riot. Lots of batons. You know, military police stuff. Just another day.

Another story takes place in New York. I was having an innocent flirtation with one of the girls I worked with. We were having a coffee together. Anyway, she said to me, "Let's go skydiving." She's from South America. So imagine a beautiful South American girl saying "Oh, let's go skydiving." I never tried skydiving before, but I said, "OK, let's go, why not." I said, "You know a place to go sky diving?" She said, "Yes. My old boyfriend is an instructor." I said, "What?" She said, "Yeah, he wanted to marry me, but I said no. But we're still good friends." I envisioned myself pulling on the parachute and a bunch of knives and spoons and forks come out. Like the Wiley Coyote in Road Runner. I said, "I think I'll pass on the skydiving and get another coffee instead." She said, "OK."

Anyway, that's about it for this week. I'll be back again. It's fun doing these blogs together. and you know what, it is good for me because I think about what is good to talk about. It's good for my memory. Anyway, have a good week. Love, B. Nice

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chapter 100 - April 29, 2013

Hi everybody. Welcome to Chapter 100. I'm gonna name this chapter "The Promise," 'cause I promised my friend here I'd dance with her at Chapter 100. Should be interesting because I can't even stand up. I'm also going to dedicate this chapter to my family and friends, all the doctors and nurses, you know, everyone that has helped me get better. And the therapists. I could go on and on.

It's been a crazy week this week. It started out with me getting an MRI done. That's not fun, I promise you. They put you in a small tube up to your ankles. You have to lie still for 40 minutes while they tickle your feet with a feather. Just kidding. I would think about things like that just to get me through the process. I would think about stories from the past. Stuff like that. I haven't heard about the results, but you know what, no news is good news.

The other thing that's happened is I've gone back to outpatient care for a tune up. They basically correct any mistake you do for self therapy. The therapist got me up and walking again. This is the 3rd time. You know, I walked after my first brain surgery. I walked after my second brain surgery, and I walked again after my seizures. The point is, I've gone through the same process like three times. I'm getting pretty good at this. It's pretty exciting though. It seems simple, but it's a lot of work just to walk down a hallway.

You know, I was thinking about it. I'm gonna end this blog at Chapter 100. You know, I always would think about the past to get me through the present. And I think it's time to start thinking about the future. Therefore, I'm going to end this blog at 100. I'm doing another blog, and it will be linked to my project, A Point of View. My friend here will include the link from the new blog.

Anyway, I'm gonna sign off with a few stories. I might just check in on this blog to tell a few stories, you know, like a few months from now. You know me. I love telling stories. Here's a couple of stories from the past.

I was reading the previous blog. That made me think about Montauk, NY. I left out a few stories I love to tell. One story takes place in Montauk, NY, on the beach. I was at the beach with 3 friends. We were all hanging out and one of my friends had a sea kayak. I had never tried one before so I took it out real carefully. There were big waves. Kind of scary. Anyway, I went out past the point where the waves break when what do I see? I see a couple of military hummers coming down the beach. You see, they were looking for debris from Flight 800. The plane had exploded off of Long Island and they were picking up debris. Anyway, they stopped nearby my friends. They pulled out a megaphone. They said, "Hey you, on the sea kayak, pull over to your right and pick up some debris that's there in the water." I thought, Oh great, sarcastically, I said to myself.  So I paddled over to the debris they were talking about. They were all clothes and they were charred. There was a hat there. I thought, great, I hope there's not a head attached to the hat. I went over and picked up what I could, put it in the sea kayak and headed back to shore. On the way back to shore, I got onto a huge wave. I didn't mean to. It just seemed to pick me up. Mind you, I'd never been on a sea kayak before. My friends and all the marines were watching me. Talk about performance anxiety. Anyway, I rode the wave like you would a surf board. It was a huge wave. I went down the face of it really fast, got ahead of the impact. It seemed to explode behind me and the whitewater took me right up to the marines. You know, like I'd done it a hundred times before. Anyway, after thanking god I was still alive, I handed the head marine the hat. He said, "Thank you." I said, "Watch out. There's sea lice in the hat." Well the guy picked up the hat. Mind you, He looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the early days. He was a big guy. He took the hat and said, "Eww eww disgusting," and started dancing around like a 13 year old girl. He threw the hat into the back of his hummer and drove off saying, "Eww eww, oh my god." It was all kind of weird.

I'll tell another few random stories. Once I was on a photoshoot in Napa Valley, California. Well, I was like in bed drifting off to sleep in my hotel when it sounded like the person next door had a porn video going on. I couldn't get to sleep. It sounded like two cattle making out. One of them was very agreeable. You know, saying, "Oh yess, oh yess, oh yess," all the time. This went on for hours. I couldn't get to sleep. Well finally the porn video ended and I got to sleep. The next morning I got up, got my coffee, opened my door. The neighbor opened the door at the same time, the neighbor that was having the episode. It was one of my crew. The guy had picked up some girl at a local bar. Remember, I don't use names to protect the not-so-innocent.

Another story takes place in Australia, the rain forest of Australia. Anyway, I had been partying with my friend. We went for a walk in the rain forest. I came across a nest of beautiful insects. They were all purple and red. Their wings were shimmering in the light. It was beautiful so I decided to take a closer look. A mistake. My friend screamed NO, but it was too late. all the bugs rose up into the air and I realized they were tiny wasps. They all started attacking me and my friend. Have you ever run through virgin rain forest before? It's quite interesting. Anyway, after being stung several times, I found my way back to the house to have a cold beer.

Well, and the last story I'll tell takes place in Montauk, NY. It's pretty simple but, I used to go surfing all the time in a specific place. I would pull up in my truck with my dog and start waxing up the board. My dog would always get really nervous so I'd leave him with a piece of clothing. I gave him my hat and put it on his head and said, "I'll be right back for this." My friend will include a photo of the picture I took. It graces the cover of a book I did. Rescue Tails.

Anyway, this is B. Nice, signing off. Be sure to check out the new blog. Love, B. Nice,

I gotta go dance now!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chapter 99 - April 23, 2013

Wow! Chapter 99. Can you believe it? Hi everybody. Welcome to Chapter 99. I'm gonna name this chapter, "Puppy," and I'm gonna dedicate it to my Mom and Dad.

The chapter is called "Puppy" because I met the most optimistic person in the world. That guy is my hero. Amazing. The guy was a boot maker in Arizona. He was 97 years old, and he went out and he got a puppy. Now that's optimistic. You know when you're like this you have to be optimistic. You've got to think about getting better all the time. I mentioned it before, but it's so important to have a point person. In my case, it's my mother. She kind of controls everything like a conductor would. She is my personal assistant. For example, my roommate the last time I was in rehab, my roommate had a wife who was his point person. They make decisions for you, plan your week, make appointments for you. You know, make your life easier. This is all stuff I've said before, but I think it's really important. I mean, come on, if it wasn't for my family and friends, I'd be in a nursing home. And I saw plenty of people who lived in a nursing home. It doesn't look fun.

I'll just recap a few more things I did this week. I've been standing using all my body weight. It sounds simple just standing up, but believe me, it's scary as hell. But I'm doing it. I'm standing up with two people holding me. Another baby step forward. Other things I do that are important is water therapy, once again. It's so important for balance. You know, the most important thing that I'll say again, is attitude. You've got to maintain a positive attitude. I know it's not easy to do, but it's so important. You gotta stay positive. Like, the guy I met who was 97 years old. Anyway, you know, I'm tired of talking about all this stuff. Let's talk about a few random stories. Stories from the past.

You know, I loved living in Montauk, NY. I'll tell you a few reasons why. One time I was having dinner and I said, "I'll have the tuna special." Well, the waitress, she said, "There's no more tuna, I'm sorry. You'll have to choose something else." All of a sudden, a fishing boat pulled up to the pier. The guy was unloading yellow fin tuna. She looked over to the boat and she said, "You know what? Tuna's back on the menu." It was real fresh. I like the casual attitude that everyone had in Montauk. There was a great bar/restaurant I would go to all the time for lunch. It was down by the town dock. A lot of locals went there along with fisherman. It was a cool place. Anyway, I was sitting there with my friend having lunch. I looked over and there was a celebrity I recognized sitting at the bar. Well, the owner of the restaurant came out with the coffee and the owner said, real loud, "Who's the spineless puke who ordered the non-fat double decaf, lo-fat powder chocolate on the top cappuccino?" And the celebrity sheepishly raised his hand. They obviously knew each other 'cause they both started laughing.

There was another guy I knew. He owned a surf store. Anyway, he also owned a bar I would go to all the time. We talked about windsurfing. He used to windsurf in the 80's. Anyway, he was windsurfing on the ocean and he looked up to see what he thought was a boat turned upside down. He went out to check it out. Well, when he got close to the object, he saw that it was a big dead whale. What was feeding on the whale? A giant great white shark. The guy thought, well, I better turn around. So he quickly turned around and went back to shore. But the great white shark didn't like anything else around him. So he chased off my friend back to the shore. The guy who was windsurfing said he looked back. Imagine stretching your arms out. He said the head was like fist to fist. That's a big smile. Anyway, he made it to shore and called the Coast Guard. By the way, they caught the fish.

You know, the shoreline of Montauk was always changing. You know, it would be rocky one month and sandy the next. It was always changing. I guess it was kind of a metaphor to how things are right now. Everything is always changing. Once you get used to it, it's not so bad. As a matter of fact, I think change is good for you.

I don't have much else to report. Oh yeah, I have one more story to tell you. It takes place in Australia. Near where I lived there was a hotel and every Sunday they played music everyone would sit outside drink beer, you know. Hang out. Anyway, the bikers really liked this outdoor bar. There was one group of bikers. They were real outlaws. Real tough guys. They were based out of New Zealand. Anyway, they were sitting there having their beers and cruising into the bar comes a group of Sunday bikers. They were like doctors and lawyers. They were in their pristine leathers. You know, they had Harley written over their real nice sleeveless vest. They rode in, saw the other bikers who came from New Zealand. Their eyes got really big and the New Zealanders' got real small, and the lawyers and doctors did a U turn and kept going. It was pretty funny.

Anyway, that's it for this week. Next week is chapter 100. I promised my friend here we'd dance at chapter 100. I made this promise around chapter 2 or 3 so it should be interesting. A new form of dancing. You see, I'm not at where I thought I'd be, but I'll improvise. Talk to you next week, I hope. Love, B. Nice