Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chapter 114 - September 17, 2013

Hi you guys. Just checking in again. We were talking about friends, I forgot to tell you a story. There was a family friend coming into town. He was from the midwest. Anyway, I was showing him around NY before we went out to dinner I suggested we stop by and see some of my friends to have a drink. Anyway, we went to one of my friends apartments and on the way up I was talking about how amazing the apartment is. But the guy from the midwest said, "Hold on, wait a minute! We're going to go to a gay person's apartment?" I say, "Yeah, so what?" The guy from the midwest said, "I've never met a gay person before much less a gay couple." Well, being the demented person I am, I said to him, "Well, there's a first time for everything. Look, there's a couple things you should know. If the younger guy comes up to you he might grab your crotch. If you accept his advances, you, I repeat, you grab his right, I repeat, HIS right nipple, and turn it firmly to the right. If you disagree with his advances, you grab his left nipple and turn it firmly to the left. That's HIS nipple. And for god's sakes, don't get it wrong or you might wind up in the back room. And for heaven sakes, don't let his partner see you because you might end up in a threesome in the back bedroom." Before I could say, I'm just kidding, we reached the floor and my friends were there to greet us. We went right into the apartment. The guy from the midwest was freaked out. He stayed in the kitchen the whole time with his back to the refridgerator. Hell, I couldn't get a beer! Anyway, I told him when we were both in the kitchen, I told him, "I was just kidding, just relax." He kind of laughed nervously. I just thought I should share that story with you cause I thought it was kind of funny.

I'll talk a little bit about traumatic brain injury. I've been swimming a lot, doing swimming therapy. It's so great. You can actually walk. Feels fantastic. I highly recommend it. You know, when you're like this, you get ups and downs. Seems like the weather really affects me.

I'm gonna keep these short. I'll check in with you later. Love, B. Nice

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