Monday, July 22, 2013

Chapter 110 - July 10, 2013

Let’s see, what was I going to talk about? Oh yeah, I wanted to talk about Traumatic Brain Injury because it’s so hot and humid. Man, this humidity really kicks my ass. It’s difficult to do anything in this weather. When you have a TBI it will affect everyone in a different way. This heat and humidity really kicks my ass.

Today I’m really tired, not just because of the heat and humidity, but I just started water therapy. It was kind of bitter sweet going there because they noted I made a big improvement and they started telling me where I’ve improved. But the difference is so small. I worked so hard all year. I’ve worked hard and just to get the small improvement is frustrating, but at least I’m moving forward. At least I haven’t plateaued or moved backward. I guess it’s a good sign.

You now, when you’re like this, you’re gonna have ups and downs. I mean, I’m improving but I definitely have my off days. I just wish I could get through one meal without biting the inside of my cheek or biting my lip. I yell so much the dog freaks out.

I was going over blogs from the past like blog 108 and I mentioned in the blog that I’ve never gotten in a fight. I’m going to take out my soap box and make a little announcement: If you can avoid it never get in a fight. There was this guy on my floor in the hospital. He was at a local bar. He started talking shit with someone. He picked a fight with the wrong guy. One punch to the head was all it took. It changed his whole life. The guy is a mess. He can hardly talk. But one thing that’s kind of funny is there’s a girl 4 doors down and he keeps screaming at her to shut up. She screams back at him to shut up and then he says, "I’m sorry, I love you." And she goes, “I love you too.” They should get married.

One time I was coming back from a friends house. My friend lived up in Spanish Harlem. Oh yeah, this is the early 80s. Spanish Harlem back then was pretty rough. Anyway, I was walking to work with a nice brief case. A Halliburton briefcase. I walked around the corner and I ran right into a gang. They surrounded me, then some guy stepped forward, must have been the leader. He looked at me and said, "Hey cream puff. What’s in that case?" I looked at him, and I looked at the case, and I looked at him again, and I started running. Man, I ran really fast. It’s amazing how fast you can run when you’re scared. Anyway, I ran from 126th street to 57th street.  My friend here asked what was in the case. It was my lunch. A banana and a peanut butter sandwich.

So I got sidetracked there. Anyway, I’ll go back to the water therapy. It’s so important. They really do a good job. I showed up for my water therapy and the people at the rehab hospital said my insurance company rejected water therapy as a form of therapy. The supervisor of the insurance company didn’t recognize it as therapy. It’s not enough that this huge rehabilitation hospital has a huge swimming pool for therapy. I mean come on. Give me a break. It’s enough to drive you crazy, I’ll tell you. If a supervisor would walk in my shoes she’d see how important it is. I mean I’ve made huge strides because of water therapy. It’s really helped me a lot. So when some idiot does not recognize it as a form of therapy, I go ballistic. Sorry about that, I get a little animated. I should be a little more politically correct and gentleman like. What I should say is, what a fucking idiot! Anyway, I won’t go any further. I mean the person is probably just doing his job. It drives me nuts. Thank god my mom was there. She has become an expert at dealing with situations like this. She sprang into action and solved the problem. I got my water therapy and the day went on. Thank goodness for mom. The more I think about it, the more I realize she should write a book. I mean, this has been going on for like 4 years now. She’d be an expert in writing a book. It might help someone.

Anyway, enough about this TBI stuff. I have a few fashion confessions to make.

When I lived in Paris, I was introduced to a man that runs a lab for film. He would process all the film by hand. The guy was a little eccentric. But the results were really good. The only way you could use his lab was through an invitation. I got invited to this lab by the owner. I had to meet him first though. I showed up to the lab. It was a big industrial room with grey floors and a grey wall. There was one light box in the middle of the room and one light bulb hanging down. There were 2 chairs. One for him and one for me. It was all very surreal. He came out of a door wearing a white apron, and asked me to sit down. Well, the interview went well and I was allowed to bring my film in. I think I kind of freaked out my clients because it was very very very expensive. One time I said to him, "Can I see your lab?" And he said to me, "But you’re in my lab." Another time I was in Paris, I went out to dinner by myself. Oh yeah, I went out a lot by myself. Anyway, as I was leaving, I put on my jacket. All the wine bottles for the evening were against the wall. I put on my jacket and knocked over a wine bottle. The first bottle that fell knocked over the next bottle and the third and the forth. Next thing you know, I knocked over about 30 bottles. The owner looked at me. I looked at him, and then I started running. It seems to be a common thing. right?

Anyway, that’s about it for this week. I’ll talk to you guys next week. Love, B. Nice

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