Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chapter 94 - March 19, 2013

Hi everybody. Another week goes by. I'm gonna name this chapter, this blog, I'm going to name it, "My first time." Get your minds out of the gutter. I'm talking about the first time I tried to lie. I lived in Brooklyn Heights when I was little. Brooklyn Heights, New York City. Anyway, I was walking down the street and there was a one dollar bill in the middle of the sidewalk. I picked it up and immediately went to the corner store. I went to the cashier, slapped down the dollar bill and I said, "I'll have 100 pieces of gum from the penny candy counter." The guy looked at me and he said, "Does your mother know you're here?" Oh yeah, this was last week... just kidding. Anyway, I said, "I'll have 100 pieces of gum." After he said, "Does your mother know you're here?" I looked at him, there was an awkward moment of silence. I was about to lie and say, "Yes," when I grabbed the dollar bill and started running out the door. I still remember this as though it just happened. The point of the story is, the easiest thing to remember is the truth. Every time I hold my little one, I remind her that the easiest thing to remember is the truth. Always tell the truth. Everything I have told you, I remember because it's all true. I also believe all these things happened to me to get me ready and stronger for now.

This week was a pretty cool week. I got the stair chair installed and going so I can sleep upstairs. I went upstairs the other day. It was the first time in 2 years I've been on the second floor. I've been sleeping in the living room. Anyway, it felt great to go upstairs. I saw all the stuff from my house in Montauk. Man, I got a lot of stuff. The other cool thing that happened was my friend here did a video of me and my story. It's bittersweet videotaping yourself. you see how far you've come, but you also see how messed up you are. The other thing I see is how devastatingly handsome I am. Just kidding. I do have a hard time seeing myself all messed up. Remember, mentally, I'm all there, but physically, I'm pretty messed up. Anyway, it's a good bench marker. I would highly recommend that someone videotape you when you're in a condition like mine. I tend to repeat myself. Always have, so if this stuff sounds familiar, sorry. It will drive home a point.

My friend here was reading to me what I wrote. I just want to tell you about a couple things. They all happened in Brooklyn Heights when I was little. You know, back then, we all ran around like The Little Rascals. It was pretty safe back then. Anyway, I was on the Promenade by myself. It overlooked the highway. My favorite thing was to stick my head through the steel bars and spit on the cars. Real intellectual stuff, you know. Anyway, a cop was walking his beat came by, and he said, "Are you all right?" I said, "No, my head is stuck." Well, he got another police officer to get a car jack and they spread the bars and got my head out. I never told my parents about this. I think that was my IQ test right there. Another time we were on back of Montague Street where we lived and some guy tried to lure me and my friend into his apartment. I said, "My dad told me about people like you." And we immediately went to the police. Well, the police officer that was working the beat brought us back to the apartment. He made us show him where the guy was. While I stood on the sidewalk I heard a lot of noise and someone getting beat up, and next thing you know, the police officers come out with a guy who was handcuffed and they had a box full of stuff. They put him in the back of a squad car and drove off with him and the box. Another time we were at the playground and we were sitting against the wall. Well, some kid came over the wall grabbed my friend's bike. So what did we do? We reached into our back pockets where we carried sharpened popsicle sticks and we stabbed the guy in the calf as he was trying to get away with the bike. We got into a lot of trouble. I've got a lot of stories. Did I mention the neighborhood was pretty safe?

You know, sometimes I can't think of what to say to you guys. You know, I spend a lot of time thinking about the past. When I get confused about what stories to tell, my friend and I look at cartoons from the past. I used to always play practical jokes on everyone, but my crew got me back one time. They short sheeted my bed and put shrimp at the bottom of my bed. I'll include a cartoon here.
I'll have my friend here include some other cartoons. You know, in this blog I always think about the past, but in my trip coming up, I'll have a blog and I'll think about the future. You know, where I want to be. Think about where you want to be, and you'll get there.

Love you guys, talk to you next week. Oh yeah! I want to dedicate the blog to my friend. He comes over once a week to take me out to lunch. It's cool. You know you really need a distraction. Get out of the house. It's good to have friends, like my friend in front of me and my friend that takes me to lunch. I've got lots of good friends. Anyway, I thought I'd share that with you. It's really important. Otherwise you feel like you're under house arrest. Talk to you guys next week. Love, B. Nice.

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