Monday, May 21, 2012

Chapter 49 - May 18, 2012

Hi everybody. I'm still here at the hospital. They're trying to figure out what 
the hell happened.  As I said before, my MRI and cat scan were all ok.  It might 
be scar tissue or medication.  Either way, it's a drag. It prompts me to remind 
us all about something.  It reminds me how important our mothers are.  When you're 
in a state like this, you'll have one person who really helps you.  In your case 
it might be your spouse, your partner, your parent, a relative, a relation.  Who 
knows.  In my case it's my mother who has taken care of me.  She should have a big 
"S" on her.  She's done everything for me from being my photo assistant to 
social director.  I can understand.  Being a father makes me realize why she's 
doing it.

I just spoke with a doctor.  They're leaning toward the idea that I had 4 
seizures because of the scar tissue and medicine.  My friend here and I agree, 
they're just hedging their bets.  It's just brought me back to square one.  I'm 
pretty close to starting over again.  It's a pain in the ass, but when I get 
knocked down, I gotta get up again. At least I feel I do. There's lots more to 
tell.  I got some good stories for you, but I got to make this one short.

I miss all you guys. Can't wait to get out of here.  See you soon. Love, B. Nice

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  1. B, I agree it is all about your mother, yours is a super hero and I feel the same way about mine. You are amazing and can't wait to see you next month. Thanks for teling my favorite story about taking valium on the plane.
    Love, Aunt Deb